Couchsurfing? Of Course!

Couchsurfing? Of Course!

I want to write about today.


If you are unfamiliar with Couchsurfing, or CS for short, it is an on-line community for “travelers” whom find more enjoyment in meeting people and exchanging their culture with each other as they travel or while they are at home.  There are two main aspects of CS; 1) a Surfer, and 2) a Host.

Basic needs of shelter met, freedom to have fun with fellow CSers was had.
Basic needs of shelter met, freedom to have fun with fellow CSers was had even though we use Foursquare to keep in touch daily. (That’s me!)

A Surfer, like me right now, is a person or several people traveling with each other, who in exchange for a safe place to sleep free of charge, offer their perspectives on their native culture; their experiences in traveling; the activities they enjoy, such as cooking or playing a musical instrument; funny stories of their lives; their knowledge of a different language, etcetera; or any combination of the above.  In other words, a Surfer offers of themselves something that cannot be measured in terms of money or a hard value, in exchange for a place to sleep, a bed, a floor, a safe and secure sleeping location, or as the name implies a couch.

CS Reunion in Turkiye
We met via CS, but we’re in contact across the miles through Foursquare. Our reunion – Cagdas, Nadide [RadFoursquareNinja] & myself in Turkiye, 1.5 years later. 🙂
The other side of the CS Community equation is a Host.  The Host or Hosts are people, often travelers themselves, who when they are at home, desire to offer an extra bedroom, a safe living/sleeping arrangement, or a couch, to a Surfer, in exchange for the opportunity to learn of another place, another person, one of a million different cultures that exist on the planet we share.  A couch, like a Surfer’s experience, knowledge, language or cultural understanding is offered free of charge.

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Hitting the Travel Wall

Hitting the Travel Wall

Hey all, just a “little” update for those wanting to know about my three months of travel around Europe.

I just spent the better part of 6 days in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and now the past five days in Sophia at a family’s home… Mostly just enjoying conversation with interesting people I met at the The Crib Hostel or with the friends and family of a woman I met at the famous “beach beer garden” discovered in Bonn, Germany. I have increasingly shied away from meeting ‘travelers on missions to check off another city or country’, as the stories are mostly the same, just with different twists and turns along the way.  Stories I have fortunately lived in abundance over all the years of being addicted to travel.

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Why we travel…

Why we travel…

It’s a strange bit this traveling, just to travel, thing.

There’s a moment in The Motorcycle Diaries in which the Bolivian couple, struggling to find work and driven from their homes because of their political beliefs, ask Ernesto why [they] are traveling. The response, “We travel just to travel.” To which the reaction was a bit of shock, a bit of reflection and mostly an inability to understand this desire, craving and frankly, the luxury of being able to travel for no other purpose than to travel.

KennedyBridgeIn many regards I encounter this reaction often. In others, it is a bit of longing to do the same. And to those, whom share this condition, it is a deep connection where words are not needed, it is inherently understood.

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Symbiosis, Life & Work

Symbiosis, Life & Work

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Author’s Note:  A recollection and a reminder to what substandard company management can destroy through apathy and repetition of poor choices expecting different results.  I’m certain my position has been replaced, but that which I offered to the company and our customers, will never be replicated.  Forty years of company history reveals too many accounts of similar failings.  It is no wonder, having experienced progressive policies implemented by global and Fortune 500 companies often demonized by ideological progressives, that I walked away inherently disappointed by not being allowed to prove there are different ways to ‘skin the same cat’, many of which are much more effective.  Such is life, the travel and hands on experience with major global players will be missed, but the incompetence and self-serving motivations will not.

Getting naturally "high" over Georgia, meeting customers' needs with technological innovation and experience, while feeding my travel and adventure bug.  Symbiosis, life & work.
Getting naturally “high” over Georgia, meeting customers’ needs with technological innovation and experience, while feeding my travel and adventure bug. Symbiosis, life & work.

How do I say this simply while not understating the true implications of what exactly we do at Lightning Eliminators & Consultants? We provide an engineered, scientific solution, using a naturally occurring phenomenon, to minimize the probability to nearly zero of taking a lightning termination inside a designated area.

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Ramblings of The Conflicted Traveler

There’s no doubt I’ve been fortunate to travel more than most people my age; it’s been in my blood since I was little, filling my summers with camping around the Northeast US and winters racing sled dogs throughout New York, New England, the northern Midwest and Canada as well.

College was no different with more days spent in the Adirondacks than in class. This first manifest itself on an orientation trip with the Clarkson University Outings Club into the High Peaks region. I remember purposely selecting the hardest route available, slightly humorous seeing I had never overnight backpacked a day in my life. But “Hey, why not?!” Continue reading “Ramblings of The Conflicted Traveler”