And so it begins…

And so it begins…

Life of a Gypsy, Nomad & Dirtbag Vagabond! And so it begins, or conversely ends… A couch surf to start at my sister’s turned into 2 years of permanence. Maybe I’ll miss my own little piece of Denver heaven & secret skyporn cloud stash, but maybe I won’t. One can never sort the gypsy mind definitively.

Off to New York, only a transition en route to Namibia, Africa and a new land of near infinite road trip possibilities. 20 years of western states exploration & living, I’m confident I’ve seen all that I’ve wanted & loved here, and I’m just ready for new discoveries in new lands.

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Residential PV’s Inherent Limitations

Author’s note: This is a beta format, temporary post. 7/23/14 I find myself needlessly having to explain these limitations countless times, effectively wasting time explaining the reality of PV to those unfamiliar with these real world limitations. Under current implementation trends, and infinite variability, residential solar rarely breaks a threshold of 30% nameplate capacity (adjust for region and day of the year) that can be considered baseload, reliable input to the grid.

Current trends, especially in the U.S., of PV’s effective implementation, are proceeding down a pathway that are counterproductive to maximizing our investments with the overall goal being to significantly reduce our release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Typical Colorado Neighborhood
Is a focus on residential the wisest, when existing construction, layout and shading magnifies the reductions in the overall effectiveness of the systems?

If we do not do this second part with an altruistic twist, those less fortunate will attempt to come up to our standards through whatever means possible. As seen in China, those “whatever” means will be through “cheaper” means, most likely conventional fossils fuels or enormously expensive large scale hydro.

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