Achieving the Impossible

What I seek to accomplish in the global energy industry to facilitate accessibility for the under-served majority of the world’s population?

My primary objective is to architect, launch and advance a social enterprise within the geographical sphere of sub-Saharan Africa, facilitating the use of regionally abundant resources to promote energy accessibility through mutually beneficial partnerships and self-sustaining economics. The premise being to springboard beyond the physical, governmental, technological and social constraints presently hindering the realization of a true “Africa Rising” for over one billion people, where the exploitation of natural resource abundance has garnered minimal localized benefit, and energy exists as the critical ingredient and catalyst to regional, educational and social empowerment.

What qualifies my position within a niche market that has exponential growth potential?

Utilizing the experience and knowledge acquired over 20 years within a professional capacity as a consultant to several of the largest investor owned electric and gas utilities within the United States, and as an intermediary to multinational energy interests around the world;

Capitalize upon organically inspired research, verification and experience with current and developing global energy infrastructure, resources, generation and logistical realities;

Share an in-depth understanding of the diverse energy utilization schemes of prosperous countries to facilitate mindful and intelligent deployment within emergent economies, with a focus towards critical analysis of the historical context and current struggles to move beyond legacy deployment scenarios and their associated economic implications;

Fully embrace and welcoming the empowerment potential unlocking itself through Big Data analytic and socio-cultural proclivities to…

Springboard off currently existing advanced technologies, fast proving their intelligently managed reliability and significance, to leapfrog both the physical and governmental barriers to energy availability and accessibility.

Within this self-inflicted and accepted addiction fueling these personal and professional desires, I envision two actionable courses for pursuit.

Which business model addresses financial capital non-availability, regional logistics realities and limited physical infrastructure, to combat irrefutable barriers to development of scalable economic growth nuclei?

By focusing upon the void which exists between those in desperate need of energy, experiencing scarcity on a daily basis and those whom have the financial means and organizational capital to provide energy to all within a self-sustaining, self-financing, incrementally expandable business model. This approach dovetails upon a critical analysis of what we in the prosperous world have come to learn through example and an honest recognition of the negative impacts of our past and current decisions pertaining to energy. And, how emergent economies can leapfrog capital intensive legacy energy deployments in a manner cognizant, but not physically repeatable to that experienced with wireless telecom to profound and meaningful efficacy.

This void exists within the mid-scale development of the energy technology – intelligent architecture integration nexus between exploitation, generation, distribution and deployment bridging de facto barriers more socioeconomic than physical.

What business approach seeks to capitalize on evolving socio-environmental impetus and rapidly advancing computational power?

The second model, demonstrated repeatedly in doses and spurts, but not yet full circle, maximizes the potential of big data, social media, positive ‘hazing’, software architecture, collective energy knowledge and the implications of its exploitation, to realize global remedies to global problems. Again, the void and the answer resides within a mid-scale realm, the crossover between disparate technologies and knowledge bases lacking an all-inclusive platform from which to connect the user hungry for self-relevant information, and energy, with the energy provider, economically dependent upon its customer base, while locked into a course of financial suicide through obligations in meeting a narrowing margin of peak demand on the backs of growing technology hype unable to 100% meet 8760 realities across an infinitely variable global landscape.

Bridging the Chasms, Linking the World
Bridging the Chasms, Linking the World

What makes today’s global energy landscape different than yesterday?

The tools and technology now currently exist. Where overcoming significant economic and technological thresholds are reported with increasing regularity, moving from what once was “pie in the sky” dreaming to what can be accomplished today.

Unfortunately, the understanding and/or financial incentives to build the spider’s web necessary to interconnect all available human and natural resources together remains allusive. Or at best, this transition is currently being approached from both ends of the spectrum; where in the underlying dynamics, the partially informed “prosumer” and the vertically integrated legacy energy providers have pitted themselves against each other, in stark contrast to joining resources to forge new standards within the global energy landscape.

A mere 5 years ago, both the physical generation capacity and computational interoperability did not exist. However today, the perfect storm of technological and computational advancement, with an increased understanding and recognition of what truly is at stake with regards to the future of our planet and our existence on it, has arrived. The conditions are right to advance a new global energy strategy, inclusive of the needs of the entire world’s population.

Laying the foundation and devising the architecture of the social enterprise platform has now become economically and technologically feasible.

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