Desperation Unbecoming of an Energy Diva

Valentine’s Day can bring out the best and the worst in people.

In this new “love ballad” by the Energy Policy Alliance, we see how the inherent need to be loved is not just a human trait anymore. How certain sectors of the energy industry can take on human emotions of neglect, rejection and the wear and tear of getting older.

Unfortunately, this can bring out the worst in not only humans, but industry as well, and desperation can set in. Such is the case with all relationships, and the choice is ours to decide whether we want to see the glass half-full, or half-empty. To appreciate what we have, or lament what we are lacking.

It looks as though Mrs. Oil has a half-empty attitude, but can you blame her given her long run at the top and being the most universally adored and fought over energy for decades? Changes are bound to happen as nothing lasts forever, and the global energy environment is at its most dynamic position shy Ms. Black Gold’s storming the stage not more than a hundred years ago to claim the spotlight.

Is Mrs. Oil starting to get desperate? Is she seeing the writing on the wall? Is she trying to steal the noteworthy fame of her fellow energy divas knowing full well they frequented the same clubs, but rarely socialized directly with each other all through their history?

When offered choices in the past, Joe lapped them up, but the younger Ms. Oil was looking out for her own best interests from the get go, converting that limelight received into action to shutdown any potential threats to her relationship with Joe. Ms. Oil has always been crafty, she’s lavished many gifts upon Joe at the most opportune times to obscure his view of the outside world.

However, that dominance streak is coming to the end, for not only Mrs. Oil, but also the aging Mrs. Coal and Mrs. Nuclear. A Baskin Robbins of 31 energy favors has notably struggled to establish itself in select neighborhoods. But, those original energy shops have been open for a while and their notoriety is starting to spread like wildfire. Energy Shops are opening in more neighborhoods every day, one has even opened in Joe’s neighborhood now.

The truth is Joe’s player personality, from his youth, is starting to reveal itself again. He’s cracking off the exterior shell of comfort he accepted over the years, and feeling a bit more of his youthful friskiness take hold.

Joe has already shifted his eyes away from his mistress, the dirty Ms. Coal, but not yet deleted her number from speed dial. The same for Ms. Nuclear, always picking his wallet and leaving her trash lying around his house as though Joe can’t put two and two together as to who left it there.

All those creature comforts Mrs. Oil is now trying to tell Joe she makes possible on this Valentine’s day, the reality is, many of those are made possible by her fellow clubbing divas, equally concerned about the changing times and their relegation to the “has-been” pile.

Joe’s becoming increasingly aware of a potential foursome showing itself down at the Energy Shop, and those younger ladies are working it. Joe’s got the hot and very busy Ms. Natural Gas leading the charge. And right in her wings are the blustery Ms. Wind and the well tanned Ms Solar.

Joe’s really got it going on to be honest. And his opportunities have never been better!

With opportunities like these, it’s just a matter of time before Joe will get fed up with the increasingly jealous and deceptive Mrs. Oil. His patience has already worn thin with Mrs. Coal, while his long running love-hate relationship with Mrs. Nuclear teeters on the rocks. If only he could get the years of her accumulated trash out of his house!

Dynamic times are ahead for the global energy environment. Let’s look towards a glass half-full perspective during our transition and remember those fond times we had in our past, using what we’ve learned to power our more educated decisions into the future.

And as much as we can, let’s not lose hope and turn towards desperation as has Mrs. Oil on this day meant to express love and happiness. It really is quite unbecoming of a woman of her stature and prominence.

Happy “Appreciation For What You Have” Day everyone! 🙂

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