Temporarily Grounded

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Life, experience and sensory input bombard us every second of our lives. At any moment when we find peace of mind, stability in physical location or connection with everything around us, a single unexpected occurrence, can throw it all into a shambles.

Thus, once again requiring us to perform an entirely new reassessment of our current standing and place in this world, to question self yet another time. The battle within to ground ourselves may have been won, temporarily…. but rarely does that victory ever last, as the onslaught of stimuli changes the metrics which previously offered us some comfort.

Stillness and Movement
Stillness and Movement

This image, captured while traveling through the heartland of the Great American Dust Bowl, shows us stillness is only a temporary condition of all that is in motion.

Although the fence posts and barbed wire hold tight to the Earth as they momentarily ground tumbleweeds and hinder free passage of the sands, the reality being, all, including ourselves, are whipping around the Universe at an immense speed imperceptible to each of us.

In this regard, stillness exists only as an illusion to the truth that everything is in constant movement. Patterns, created by the granular waves of sand, contrasted by light and shadows, help us to recognize the never ending flux that exists between Stillness and Movement.

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