Build Your Foundations

Hello Novi Sad CSers!

I have 6-8 hrs tomorrow (Thursday) in your city…. Sorry I can’t have more. 😦 I spent 26 days in Bulgaria, what was to be only 3 or 4 and at least a week in Serbia. But it can’t be now, I meet a CS friend in her city of Budapest Friday. I’ll be in NS from 1300 to 2200 coming from Belgrade to Budapest by trains.

I’m a traveler… Just who I am, but I could give a ‘%}{#’ about checking Novi Sad off some ‘dream or bucket list’ that I don’t have and seeing ALL the ‘famous’ sites.

Taking a break already from my Couchsurfing “Host Nazi” one day in! Ivana, don’t let her force me to go back!!!

I’m much happier meeting local people and just talking about the real world, what we each live and experience every day. Because there’s no need for you telling me ‘why Serbia is not different or scary or some bad place’ that tourists are told to believe. I already know it is not these things. It is another country no different than the others with problems of its own. News Flash… The USA is no different, we have our own problems hidden under the Hollywood movies and BS news you may have read.

What I’m saying, if you want to meet, drink a beer or coffee and just hang out and talk about whatever… Let’s do it. πŸ™‚


Sure, I’ll tell you about all where I’ve traveled if you really want to know, but more importantly, I’ll tell you about how you can travel yourself and have your own experiences. It’s not about the place you were born and the opportunities one is given, it’s about what you dream about and make happen. We all have this ability, and we can all have it if we want and decide to make it so. Impossible is not a word I understand… Because everything is possible. We just have to dream it and then make it.

Thoreau wrote years ago… ‘If you have built a castle in the sky, don’t despair when you don’t reach it. Instead, focus on building the foundation under it. And one day, you too can live in the castle of your dreams.’

Let the debaucher begin
Waiting in the wings for my friend [Ivana] of a friend [bribble] to arrive. Sure, we have to [or should anyways] follow some socially accepted norms through Couchsurfing, but to cut up and have the “debaucherous” fun, we switch over to Foursquare to keep it real. πŸ˜€
I have paraphrased this… From reading it 20 plus years ago. But the true meaning has stuck with me all this time, and even I am still working on the foundation. πŸ™‚ Focus on your foundation and the dream will become reality one day.

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