Why the US is not doing more?

A quick write up on what I have been seeing over the past month in Europe with regards to energy consumption & the implementation of renewable energy, when posited against the question ‘Why isn’t the US doing more to implement renewable energy?’

There also needs to be a much greater acceptance of responsibility by the consumers, not just in a ‘What is in my best interest?’ But also what is in the best interest for us all, for the world as a whole?

To often the consumer/rate payer/Joe Q Public lumps blame upon the utilities because as the saying goes, ‘They are only looking out/caring about their profits.’ While they conveniently ignore the fact that the individual is doing exactly the same thing.

Movement by the PV industry is towards decommissioning the grid and we are seeing state after state regulatory body move in this direction due to the ‘screams’ of the PV industry & those who have installed it on their homes. Once installed, they seem to magically forget what allowed them to get where they are today & what allowed them the fortune to afford PV for their [primarily] own use.

It’s almost an absurd mindset… And in my travels through the ‘success story’ countries of Europe recently & currently I ask both the users & general public what they think about all this. For one thing, when I mention grid decommission & microgrids, Europeans look at me as though I am crazy. That idea doesn’t even cross their thinking… TBH they can’t even phantom why Americans would even consider it. The evil ‘socialist’/communal mindset is not vehemently spewing from their thoughts…. It just is part of their being, all working a bit towards common goals or collective betterment of all, each in their own part.

I just traveled thru the south of Türkiye… Over 90% of all residential & hotels/hostels/businesses have [lower/older technology] solar thermal systems on the buildings. All homes/businesses in all of Europe I have seem have on demand hot water heaters as well, not 80gal tanks at 140F 24/7 for absolute convenience. These two things notably reduce overall energy consumption on the individual level… It is a no brainer here & it doesn’t matter if it is single family or high rise dense developments… They just have it & they consider their energy consumption intimately.

Solar thermal is not some new, radical technology, it has been reducing energy consumption on the individual level for years in less "energy abundant" countries. Yet it is almost non existent in the USA.
Solar thermal is not some new, radical technology, it has been reducing energy consumption on the individual level for years in less “energy abundant” countries. Yet it is almost non existent in the USA.

Likewise, LNG/LPG is available at almost every gas station here, conversions of automobiles to dual use do no require acts of congress to perform & a vast pipeline infrastructure is not needed. These again are years of proven use & implementation… I saw it in Argentina 8 years ago as well. Yet where is the US on these grounds now… Pissing & moaning about how it is not possible & flaring increased quantities of NG to get yet another barrel of domestic oil.

Life is too good in America, too easy, too hands off and any actions taken to implement any changes/controls/minimum regulations for the overall good are met with screams from all sides, industry & the individuals alike.

We have a problem, and it is just our inherent mindset of only caring about what is best for ourself.

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