Symbiosis, Life & Work

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Author’s Note:  A recollection and a reminder to what substandard company management can destroy through apathy and repetition of poor choices expecting different results.  I’m certain my position has been replaced, but that which I offered to the company and our customers, will never be replicated.  Forty years of company history reveals too many accounts of similar failings.  It is no wonder, having experienced progressive policies implemented by global and Fortune 500 companies often demonized by ideological progressives, that I walked away inherently disappointed by not being allowed to prove there are different ways to ‘skin the same cat’, many of which are much more effective.  Such is life, the travel and hands on experience with major global players will be missed, but the incompetence and self-serving motivations will not.

Getting naturally "high" over Georgia, meeting customers' needs with technological innovation and experience, while feeding my travel and adventure bug.  Symbiosis, life & work.
Getting naturally “high” over Georgia, meeting customers’ needs with technological innovation and experience, while feeding my travel and adventure bug. Symbiosis, life & work.

How do I say this simply while not understating the true implications of what exactly we do at Lightning Eliminators & Consultants? We provide an engineered, scientific solution, using a naturally occurring phenomenon, to minimize the probability to nearly zero of taking a lightning termination inside a designated area.

I never met Roy Carpenter, but my inquisitive nature revealed many things about him, but most importantly, he knew collecting lightning strikes to a critical facility was a problem, and age old practices were not a lasting answer in an evolving and increasingly technological world. Science teamed with an understanding of risk abatement, getting dirty often and enough persistence would devise a solution to something most others refused to question. Roy knew this. I believe & practice the same concept, scientific method merged with rational logic, holds the answer to any question you may ask.

The solution is Roy’s adaptation of a naturally occurring phenomenon and it does what others said, and continue to say to this day, is impossible. By understanding the complexities of lightning, design a system that minimizes the chance of a termination balanced with the risk abatement needs of the facility to be protected. It’s the perfect symbiosis of reason and science conquering the seemingly impossible. It’s why I love this technology and our unique position at the heart of implementing it worldwide.

My passion in this world is to use scientific method & rational decisions to meet human needs. It’s my history in every field I’ve been in. As such, outside of day to day responsibilities, I advocate unequivocally the scientific knowledge of lightning and rectify popular misconceptions of it wherever they exist. Science explains what is understood, risk assessment & price point considerations define what is needed, and we merge the two together to provide an acceptable solution between the known and unknown.

That is what I [did] at LEC, through whatever tools currently available or that I need to devise. I just happen to be very fortunate my day to day responsibilities required I travel to our installations worldwide, ensuring our products are doing what they are engineered to do, provide lightning protection.

Symbiosis, life and work…. to be continued, paid or unpaid.

Author’s Note: Originally written in March 2013 for my LinkedIn profile.

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