Travel Resources

The past 4 years I’ve been very fortunate to travel for work, having my flights paid for is truly awesomesauce! Unfortunately, that chapter in my life has ended and I’m heading out to travel for the next couple months, destination yet to be decided.

In 2013, I was on over 80 flights, mostly flying with Delta Airlines having earned Platinum status with Skymiles and the perks have been great; flying business class as a free upgrade, which in addition to the comfy seats, brings lots of free alcohol! 🙂

I couldn’t agree more with the Wall Street Journal’s Best (& Worst) Airlines of 2013 assessment of the major US airlines, as I pretty much lived it.

One major resource I use all the time for booking my airline travel, few seem to recognize, is Google Flights. Although, I often had my travel agent do the actual booking for work trips, Google Flights excels in the following regard; 1) A map that populates with lowest prices from your departure city; 2) A timeline that shows high & lowest prices across the dates; and 3) It actually shows you the airlines offering the fares, no guess work requires. For domestic flights it directly links you to the airlines page, international or multi-carrier flights it might require a bit more work, but it gets you started anyways, showing Carrier, Flight #s and departure/arrival times.

Another favorites, especially for Rewards Programs, is Award Wallet. Although a few airlines have locked down access to your account for directly tracking miles & points, Award Wallet has the ability to track those points on a monthly basis. It also holds all your accounts & passwords, allowing for one click access to whichever account you need at the time. Yes, smartphone apps for each airline, hotel chain or rental car company are great, sometimes being able to access any of them from one place makes things a lot easier. For a small donation, you can increase your features access and receive a credit card like card with all your accounts & numbers printed on it to carry around. Award Wallet is available both thru a web browser and as a mobile app.

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